Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Post 24 - The End of this Blog

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen......I would like to say that I have learned a great deal in this class that I honestly did not know before regarding technology. I, myself, feel that I can stay up to date with the current trends in technology but this class has shown me that I am far behind. I do not thought belive that the majority of these lesson will assist me in my class as I am planning to be in SPED but will do my best to incorporate them as I can. As for the work load of the clas I have to say it was a bit much for individuals that have a full time job and thena family on top of that. The blog or the in-class lessons would have been enough to learn what these topics covered and how we can use them but not both in the future. I do feel though that knowing what is available to use in the classroom is very important and needed. The only problem i have is that are we as a society becoming to dependant on computers and creating a distance between ourselves and others? Can we take using this technology to far and create a world of computer screens instead of faces? Thanky ou for your time.

Post 23 - Creative Commons

I honestly had no idea what Creative Commons was before this class adn the blog/ next to last class session. I know that in the past I have possibly violated this and can see where others now need to be educated regarding this process. Teacheing this will be part of my class early and often once I am there as this will be important to every student as they grow in not only their school writings and projects but the everyday lives as well when it comes to using images or other copy protected objects.
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Post 22 - LiveBinders

Click here to open this binder in a new window.

This was another fairly easy and very interesting topic. I feel that I can use this in my classroom and also in my personal life to help organize and file important documents, research, and other things as needed. The site was easy to navigate and the binders are easy as well to modify as needed.

Post 21 - Animoto

Pic of stuff

This was fun and I can see where I will be using this in the future. Not only can I use this in the classroom but I can use it to make something sweet for my wife on her birthday now! I found the upload of various picturesa to be easy and playing around with the different looks was easy as well.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Post 20 - YOUTUBE

Youtube and I have been friends for years now. From homemade fan films of Batman and Spiderman to documentaries I have enjoyed using YouTube since it was first developed. As for use in the classroom this tool is one that i can strongly get behind as it can be used to show discussions and forums from all around the globe. If you are speaking on a subject or particular lesson you can almost 100% of the time find an interesting video about it here. I can see where it could also be used in research as long as the information is correct and accurate. The other tool I choose was POWToon as having the ability to make any powerpoint or presentation more fun and entertaining while still getting your point across is very important.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Post 19 - Other Social Medias

One - I already have a Facebook and IMDB account that I am signed up for

Two - I spend WAY to much time on both as I love talking to my friends in Alabama and seeing what new movies are coming out and talking about them.


I hate to be this blunt but social netweorking and such can really get out of control unless properly watched.  Everyone can look up most anything about anybody these days and it's on a social media sight.  I am one of those people that learned that sharing to much on these sights can catch up to you real quick especially when it comes to posting your opinions.  Now I for one did find the cooking sites interestins as I love being in the kitchen but do not find a place for these sites in my classroom.  If the student chooses to join and participate in a social media site outside of the classroom I am fine with that but leave your cell phones, IPads, and other toys at the door.  I may be old fashioned but I do not feel these types of things need to be a part of the classroom.

Post 18 - Social Networks

Honestly, how many people are left today that do not have atleast an account on eithr Facebook or Twitter?  I use mine mostly for keeping up with old friends and sports news and information but these can also be use to share thoughts and ideas.  My Twitter handle is MatthewNixon@Aubie4Life and I do not use this very much at all except to follow certain sports figures and radio stations tweets. you are welocme to follow me but I doubt you will stay long as I don't post hardly at all.  I played around with searching for other groups relating to special education but choose not to follow them as all it would do is sit unviewed for weeks at a time as i do not check my Twitter page often.  For use in the classroom I do not see where this would be more than a distraction and not a tool.  these as is can creat misinformation and controversy. As is and especially dealing with kids and their abilities to mix up things on mistake or to create drama I would not support having this in the classroom.  As for facebook, if monitored and controlled by the teacher, I can see where groups such as Drama, choir, band, or sporting teams would have these as information and support pages for fans and friends to follow.